My first year riding a bread knife.

Just waiting on my W├╝sthof sponsorship. Attribution one and two

I upgrade a lot of my set up this year, and I’d heard good things about “wavy” edges on boards. My gearhead buddy Chris and I debated pros and cons of various boards, and I decided on the Lib Tech Skunk Ape.

The two main pros were its width (I’m a tall dude), and its Magne Traction feature.

90% of the time I feel like the feature does not have any impact on my riding. The 10% is very significant for me however.

I’ve never had a bad powder day. I don’t mind slush. I hate crust and ice. My least favorite time on the mountain is sliding down an icy run on my back side.

I can definitively say I feel more control in icy conditions with the Skunk Ape. Although truly icy conditions are still not fun, it has also turned crusty conditions from sketchy to normal riding for me.

My personal motto is “make every day a good day” and the serration on my board has made a lot more snowboarding days viable. As always, comment or email me at with any questions.

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