Snowboarder Stuck on Cliff! Top 5 Snowboard Videos of the week.

5. Put this one on in the background while you get some work done today. Back to back to back beautiful lines compiled by Redbull. I haven’t gotten to see most of the Freeride World Tour events, so this video was an ideal way for me to catch up.

4. This an amazing video of snowboard prodigy Vasilisa Ermakova that includes footage of some huge tricks! This is my first time hearing about the six year old Vasilisa , but she has the potential to be one of the big names in the sport. It’s great to see kids shredding on the slopes.

Unfortunately I can’t embed this video, but head over to youtube to enjoy:

3. This was a terrible crash, but the recovering Ryan Paterson give an account of exactly what can happen when you catch an edge on a snowboard.

2. This is the super inspirational story of Max Parrot, an olympic snowboarder who fought cancer and won a gold less than two months after his chemotherapy ended.

  1. 1. This one had me sweating. A snowboarder is stuck at least 20 feet in the air near Whistler. Without being able to go up or down, he eventually required a rescue.

NW Snow Board is a project to bring you the best of Snowboarding from Seattle, the Northwest and around the world. Let us know if you have any video suggestions for next week!

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