Huge Wipeout. New Shredbots. New KnuckleHuck.

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“An area called Cowboy ridge, on the way to Russet lake, Whistler mtn backcountry. This is accessible off the ski resort with a couple hours of hiking. Beautiful scenery out there actually 🙂 Unfortunately, this board snapped in 2 just in front of the back binding & I was stuck with a 3-4 hour walk back to the resort boundary. Luckily the photographer had some cold refreshments in his bag for my walk out & for the snowcat driver who eventually took us all the way down the mtn afterhours, as I obviously couldn’t ride down without a board !.. Got home safely after dark : )” – JMFORUM

Like something out of a lucid dream, gliding through powder alongside your snowboard.

A little bit of a mixup from Shredbots, this video combines cool, trippy visuals with cool trippy backcountry shredding.

You have to check out the new Knucklehuck content that the snowboard world is devouring. This time I bring you new footage from Norway’s X Games.

Originally I just saw a Reddit post of a terrible crash, but I managed to track down the original instagram post from the “victim”. Taiz Valle hit the snow hard, and was reportedly unconscious for several minutes but was essentially unharmed besides a minor concussion. This is why I wear a helmet!

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