Coronavirus Snowboard Content.

There is some amazing footage of 8 year old snowboard phenom Patti “Sparkle” Zhou. She thinks 540’s are easy! I know this one inspired me.

Everyone dreams of having the resort powder to themselves. Cody Blue and Victoria make that a reality in this video. It’s surreal to see them split boarding without a soul in site at Tahoe.

This is a behind the scenes look at Marcus Kleveland’s return to snowboard competition. It’s amazing that he was able to come back after a massive leg injury and surgery. His knucklehucks are legendary. Just watch it!

A lot of us are bored at home with this epidemic. With just a bit of tape and a skateboard deck you can get to training instead. In this video Kevin Pearce shows us some simple exercises, such as balancing a home made practice board on a water bottle.

What a beautiful sunset! A reminder of the beauty of snowboarding. It make me grateful for the season we had this year, even if it was cut a bit short.

Another Beautiful line I saw on reddit.

Stay safe out there! Check with your local regulations before going on any adventures — a lot of rescue systems are not in place right now and it could be irresponsible to put yourself in a dangerous situation.


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