Coronavirus Snowboard Content.

There is some amazing footage of 8 year old snowboard phenom Patti “Sparkle” Zhou. She thinks 540’s are easy! I know this one inspired me.

Everyone dreams of having the resort powder to themselves. Cody Blue and Victoria make that a reality in this video. It’s surreal to see them split boarding without a soul in site at Tahoe.

This is a behind the scenes look at Marcus Kleveland’s return to snowboard competition. It’s amazing that he was able to come back after a massive leg injury and surgery. His knucklehucks are legendary. Just watch it!

A lot of us are bored at home with this epidemic. With just a bit of tape and a skateboard deck you can get to training instead. In this video Kevin Pearce shows us some simple exercises, such as balancing a home made practice board on a water bottle.

What a beautiful sunset! A reminder of the beauty of snowboarding. It make me grateful for the season we had this year, even if it was cut a bit short.

Another Beautiful line I saw on reddit.

Stay safe out there! Check with your local regulations before going on any adventures — a lot of rescue systems are not in place right now and it could be irresponsible to put yourself in a dangerous situation.


Huge Wipeout. New Shredbots. New KnuckleHuck.

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“An area called Cowboy ridge, on the way to Russet lake, Whistler mtn backcountry. This is accessible off the ski resort with a couple hours of hiking. Beautiful scenery out there actually 🙂 Unfortunately, this board snapped in 2 just in front of the back binding & I was stuck with a 3-4 hour walk back to the resort boundary. Luckily the photographer had some cold refreshments in his bag for my walk out & for the snowcat driver who eventually took us all the way down the mtn afterhours, as I obviously couldn’t ride down without a board !.. Got home safely after dark : )” – JMFORUM

Like something out of a lucid dream, gliding through powder alongside your snowboard.

A little bit of a mixup from Shredbots, this video combines cool, trippy visuals with cool trippy backcountry shredding.

You have to check out the new Knucklehuck content that the snowboard world is devouring. This time I bring you new footage from Norway’s X Games.

Originally I just saw a Reddit post of a terrible crash, but I managed to track down the original instagram post from the “victim”. Taiz Valle hit the snow hard, and was reportedly unconscious for several minutes but was essentially unharmed besides a minor concussion. This is why I wear a helmet!

Hit me up if you have any thoughts on the blog, stay safe out there.


Snowboard Fails and Wins this week.

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It’s easy to be tempted by the sleek look of new Snowboarding gear, but you’re not going to find these beautiful gloves on the shelf. Reddit User comptonchronicles hit it out of the park with this custom Hestra design.

Casey Wilcox takes some insane snowboard runs through tight red rock canyons in Utah. These look like the perfect setting for a bouldering movie, and it’s amazing to see how narrow and steep of canyons they can shred.

Yuki Kadono wins another Slopestyle event! He is a legend of snowboarding and it is SUCH a clean run.

Noa Yamamuro has some DEEP carves in this montage. Surf style snowboarding has been elevated by the Japanese boarders and I’ve been loving the feeling as well. It’s awesome to see a Junior High student with so much skill!

Snowboarder Stuck on Cliff! Top 5 Snowboard Videos of the week.

5. Put this one on in the background while you get some work done today. Back to back to back beautiful lines compiled by Redbull. I haven’t gotten to see most of the Freeride World Tour events, so this video was an ideal way for me to catch up.

4. This an amazing video of snowboard prodigy Vasilisa Ermakova that includes footage of some huge tricks! This is my first time hearing about the six year old Vasilisa , but she has the potential to be one of the big names in the sport. It’s great to see kids shredding on the slopes.

Unfortunately I can’t embed this video, but head over to youtube to enjoy:

3. This was a terrible crash, but the recovering Ryan Paterson give an account of exactly what can happen when you catch an edge on a snowboard.

2. This is the super inspirational story of Max Parrot, an olympic snowboarder who fought cancer and won a gold less than two months after his chemotherapy ended.

  1. 1. This one had me sweating. A snowboarder is stuck at least 20 feet in the air near Whistler. Without being able to go up or down, he eventually required a rescue.

NW Snow Board is a project to bring you the best of Snowboarding from Seattle, the Northwest and around the world. Let us know if you have any video suggestions for next week!

Huge Dump headed our way.

Wax your boards, throw your chains in your car, get some days off.

It is about to dump 50 inches with low temperatures. This the THE powder dump you’ve been waiting for.

Right now Friday (2/14) morning looks like your best best to get up and back and still hit powder but stay tuned for more updates as the forecast gets clearer.

Saturday will likely be a HUGE dump meaning Sunday and Monday could be golden.

My first year riding a bread knife.

Just waiting on my Wüsthof sponsorship. Attribution one and two

I upgrade a lot of my set up this year, and I’d heard good things about “wavy” edges on boards. My gearhead buddy Chris and I debated pros and cons of various boards, and I decided on the Lib Tech Skunk Ape.

The two main pros were its width (I’m a tall dude), and its Magne Traction feature.

90% of the time I feel like the feature does not have any impact on my riding. The 10% is very significant for me however.

I’ve never had a bad powder day. I don’t mind slush. I hate crust and ice. My least favorite time on the mountain is sliding down an icy run on my back side.

I can definitively say I feel more control in icy conditions with the Skunk Ape. Although truly icy conditions are still not fun, it has also turned crusty conditions from sketchy to normal riding for me.

My personal motto is “make every day a good day” and the serration on my board has made a lot more snowboarding days viable. As always, comment or email me at with any questions.