Coronavirus Snowboard Content.

There is some amazing footage of 8 year old snowboard phenom Patti “Sparkle” Zhou. She thinks 540’s are easy! I know this one inspired me. Everyone dreams of having the resort powder to themselves. Cody Blue and Victoria make that a reality in this video. It’s surreal to see them split boarding without a soulContinue reading “Coronavirus Snowboard Content.”

Huge Wipeout. New Shredbots. New KnuckleHuck.

Featured Image is from “An area called Cowboy ridge, on the way to Russet lake, Whistler mtn backcountry. This is accessible off the ski resort with a couple hours of hiking. Beautiful scenery out there actually 🙂 Unfortunately, this board snapped in 2 just in front of the back binding & I was stuckContinue reading “Huge Wipeout. New Shredbots. New KnuckleHuck.”

Snowboard Fails and Wins this week.

It’s easy to be tempted by the sleek look of new Snowboarding gear, but you’re not going to find these beautiful gloves on the shelf. Reddit User comptonchronicles hit it out of the park with this custom Hestra design. Casey Wilcox takes some insane snowboard runs through tight red rock canyons in Utah. These lookContinue reading “Snowboard Fails and Wins this week.”

Snowboarder Stuck on Cliff! Top 5 Snowboard Videos of the week.

5. Put this one on in the background while you get some work done today. Back to back to back beautiful lines compiled by Redbull. I haven’t gotten to see most of the Freeride World Tour events, so this video was an ideal way for me to catch up. 4. This an amazing video ofContinue reading “Snowboarder Stuck on Cliff! Top 5 Snowboard Videos of the week.”

My first year riding a bread knife.

I upgrade a lot of my set up this year, and I’d heard good things about “wavy” edges on boards. My gearhead buddy Chris and I debated pros and cons of various boards, and I decided on the Lib Tech Skunk Ape. The two main pros were its width (I’m a tall dude), and itsContinue reading “My first year riding a bread knife.”